Self Defense for Women

For People who identify as female. Maximum 12 women.

Learn the basics behind punching, kicking, and learning how to see and use your body as a weapon. While one class cannot teach you all you need to know, this 60-minute class will give you a few tips and tricks to prevent or navigate scary situation.
One in five women are likely to have faced some form of assault in their lifetime (National Sexual Violence Resource Center). Women are more likely than men to be assaulted, and are more likely to be assaulted by men, who are typically larger in stature and stronger. While you shouldn’t have to roam the world in fear, it’s nice to have a plan or basic understanding of how you should defend yourself should a scary occasion arise.

· Comfortable clothes
· MMA or boxing gloves (if you have any), snow gloves, or any gloves you don’t mind getting roughed up
· An open and inquisitive attitude

Where: Crossfit Slipstream

$20 Members
$25 Non-members

July 28, 2018
Time: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Main Location
Spaces Left: 2 Capacity: 12
Event Prices:
$20.00 - Member Price
$25.00 - Non-Member Price